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Official Opening of Public Art

On Thursday 9 May 2013, in culmination ’30 Day of Fashion and Art’, Stockland Merrylands hosted the Official Opening of the Public Artworks Greetings, Our Magic Carpet and Social Fabric. Representatives from the Art industry joined Artists, representatives from Local Government, Arts Committee, and Stockland representatives to formally open SOCIAL FABRIC lighting installation artwork, GREETINGS structure series artwork and MAGIC CARPET public bench artwork.

Public Art is recognised globally as a creative tool for placemaking, implemented locally to ignite community passion and pride. Public Art is designed and created by artists to encourage response and interaction in the community. Public Art enhances the visual make up of a space and invites onlookers to become involved with their surroundings. Public art creates places of colour, innovation and excitement, welcoming people as they come to shop, work or meet with friends and family.

The artwork launch night wrapped up ‘30 Days of Fashion and Art’ campaign which concluded on 12 May 2013.


Electro polished steel with LED lighting.
Social Fabric explores the way a simple item of clothing, ‘the shirt’, is represented by different cultures. The work celebrates the diversity, energy and collaborative spirit of the community of Holroyd.
Artists: Susan Milne & Greg Stonehouse with Popperbox Collective .


Bronze, glass mosaic, concrete.
Greetings celebrates the way different cultures welcome guests into the home. The artwork displays the traditional offerings of food and drink served to visitors and reflects the union of cultures in Merrylands.
Artists: Peter Day with Kerrie Kenton.


Bronze, brass and steel with ceramic tiles.
Our Magic Carpet was designed by local artist Mazin Ahmad to reflect the ‘mosaic of cultures’ in our community. The carpet tiles were handcrafted and painted by Mazin.
The circle at the centre of the carpet was designed
by local Aboriginal artist Keri Kenton.
Artist: Mazin Ahmad.

Public Artworks: Commissioned by Stockland

 Launch night - artsist and Stockland team

Pictured left to right: John Robertson (Operations Manager), Marla Guppy (Art Consultant), Christina Nelson (Development Manager), Haline Ly (Artist), Greg Stonehouse (Artist), Keri Kenton (Artist), Mazin Ahmed (Artist), Susan Milne (Artist), Eliza Hodgson (Marketing Manager), Peter Day (Artist), Daniel Buchanan (Centre Manager).

Artists - Social Fabric (1)

Artist - Greetings

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